Best Things to do in Phuket

The best vacation destinations are those that offer a wide range of fun activities to enjoy. Even if your focus is just to relax, there will be moments when you feel energised and want to let loose. Phuket is a wonderful vacation destination for those that enjoy tropical paradise. It is home to fantastic beaches, friendly people, delicious cuisine, fun nightlife, notable cultural sites, and plenty of water activities. Here are some of the top activities not to miss out on the next time you visit the province.

Visit Big Buddha

Located on Mount Nagakerd, this massive white marble statue of Buddha is a magnificent sight to behold. Measuring 45 metres tall, the imposing form of the Maravija Buddha will require a wide-angle lens to fully take in. Visitors also get to leave their mark by making a donation and getting to sign their names on small white marble tiles.

For many, this trip is a spiritually meditative experience, while for others the real enhancement lies in the fantastic panoramic views that can be captured from this summit of Chalong Bay to Kata Beach. For a cultural significant experience of Phuket, be sure not to miss out on a visit to the Big Buddha.

Bangla Road

A visit to Phuket would be incomplete without a night out on Bangla Road. During peak tourist seasons you will find throngs of crowds even on the street just meandering about. Nightlife comes alive as early as 6 pm when the street closes to traffic and rooftop bars, nightclubs, and go-go bars light up. The party lifestyle persists through the year yet still manages to be more easy-going than what you would find in Bangkok.

There is plenty of cheap beer and cocktails, with many friendly ladies eager to draw you into their establishments to have a drink and a chat. Most structures have an open façade letting you have a glimpse of what entertainment is on offer within, if you cannot already tell by the colourful flashing signs. From live bands and acrobatic performances to sports games on big screens and pool games, there are lots of varied entertainments to choose from.

Boat Trip

Visiting beaches is easy enough when you are in Phuket, but be sure to also include a boat trip on your itinerary. Phuket is a large island surrounded by at least 32 smaller islands off its shoreline. Surrounded by the mesmerising azure waters of the Andaman Sea, it makes for the perfect location to enjoy water activities like snorkelling, deep-sea diving, paddle boarding, surfing and more.

Many of the best spots for water activities can be found around the smaller islands, which would require a boat to reach. Consider booking a tour with a reputable company that will provide all the gear you will need and can organise a full or half-day excursion that lets you visit several sites. Phang Nga Bay and Koh Phi Phi are amongst the most popular island hopping destinations.

Promthep Cape

This is the southernmost tip of the island that gives the most dramatic views of the Andaman Sea. While it does offer the most scenic views of the seascape at sunset, it is also a major tourist attraction so do not be surprised to find yourself amid hundreds of other tourists.

If feeling a little more adventurous, you can hike your way to the end of the cape, which will likely be less crowded. You can also visit the museum located at the Lighthouse and neighbouring shrine for more cultural and historical exploration. There are also several lovely restaurants in the area where you can grab a bite and some drinks while overlooking the sea.